Tips for using Onstevia in confectionery
Life is sweet

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Tips for using Onstevia in confectionery <br> Life is sweet

Tips for using Onstevia in confectionery
Life is sweet

Some of the desserts that can be made with Onstevia as a base or sole sweetener are cakes, cookies and doughs. Also, with Onstevia we can make creamy desserts, sweeten fruit salads, some yogurt, etc.

You can find a respectable number of recipes with Onstevia on our website, on Pinterest of Onstevia:  and in general on the internet and use Onstevia. In the event that we attempt to carry out an untested recipe and the result does not satisfy us, we should not be disappointed, but try again, adjusting the dosage according to the proportions suggested.

At the same time, we must pay attention to the following:
 -- Some of the properties of sugar are not replaced by stevia: e.g. sugar has the property of giving moisture to doughs and sweet "breads" and helps them gain volume.It is good, therefore, when "teasing" recipes given with sugar, to replace with Onstevia preparation only half the amount of sugar. In this case, we choose Onstevia in crystalline form, intended for sweets, and follow the dosage recommended on the package.

 -- If for health reasons we must not use sugar at all, then we can experiment, but knowing that the results may disappoint us. It is best to try recipes that have been created from scratch with Onstevia and any "weaknesses" have been corrected, adjusting the rest of the ingredients accordingly.

 -- It is good to use a smaller sized pan or form, since sweets with Onstevia do not increase in volume, like those containing sugar.

 -- If the recipe contains beaten eggs or meringue, add an extra egg white to gain volume.

 -- Correspondingly, if the recipe contains baking powder or soda, we slightly increase the recommended quantity.

 -- Onstevia does not caramelize like common sugar, white or brown, so we avoid making candies and syrups with it.

 -- To sweeten a drink, 1/3 – 1 tsp. sweet Onstevia powder.