Sweets and Stevia together for a wonderful summer! And yet, it happens!

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Sweets and Stevia together for a wonderful summer! And yet, it happens!

Sweets and Stevia together for a wonderful summer! And yet, it happens!

June is coming and almost everyone is looking to start a diet and generally take care of their appearance.

That means vegetables, salads and roasts. Which means no sweets... Wrong! We have the way for you to continue enjoying your favorite sweets without regrets for unnecessary calories. A proper diet cannot make you "give up" your favorite sweets. There's no need to deprive yourself of sweet treats!

Our goal is to help you eat more correctly and healthily. There must be a measure in their consumption and done correctly, as with the replacement of sugar in many sweets with Stevia. What are the suitable sweets for Diet? And yet, you can find impressive, delicious and enjoyable desserts that don't have a lot of fat and calories.

There is no need to look for chocolates because this is not exactly the logic. A typical example are the new generation desserts that do not contain sugar but natural sweeteners such as Onstevia, where they are distinguished by their high fiber content and low glycemic index. What do these sweets offer?

– This particular combination is particularly important for the regulation of body weight, since the consumption of foods with a low Glycemic Index delays the onset of hunger, reduces the re-intake of food and increases the feeling of satiety compared to the consumption of foods with a high Glycemic Index, such as they are the classic sweets.

– At the same time, plant fibers reduce the absorption of dietary fat and, by extension, its storage in the body. In addition, desserts with natural sweeteners (e.g. stevia) help in the fight against overweight, since they have much fewer calories compared to classic sweets that contain sugar.

Which sweets are "friends" with the diet:

See below the sweet options that comply with your effort to lose weight...

Sweets with a low glycemic index
They have the same appearance, fluffy texture and great taste and, at the same time, they are suitable for you who want to watch your diet and contain different ingredients that make the difference.

Sweet of the spoon
These sweets have no fat at all. This also explains their lower caloric value compared to the rest. Specifically, one serving of Onstevia spoon sweets has 100-200 kcal (depending on the type of fruit) compared to the 600 calories that the other sweets have!

Cereal bars
Energy bars can become your sweet break at work and the way to avoid cheese pies, donuts and muffins that have much more fat. Dried fruits retain their fiber and nutrients, just like fresh ones. The combination with cereals and nuts make up a tasty sweet taste and all the necessary energy. These bars can be made either without sugar or with stevia.

Delicious creams I
t's a very cool option and you can enjoy it in a number of versions with Onstevia.

Diet Drinks
There are many drinks that you can try, without alcohol, with a wide variety of fruits and natural Onstevia products!