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About us

INOVIA, a company with a forward-looking spirit and philosophy, was founded in 2013. Its purpose is to fulfill the need of consumers for healthy diet products, consistently ensuring the high quality of its products at all levels.

Our vision is to constantly create new products from natural raw materials, always assuring the quality thereof.

Thus, INOVIA produces, packages and distributes products based on tomorrow’s needs, contributing therefore to the nutritional progress.

Modern Facilities

INOVIA’s products are produced in Greece in state-of-the-art industrial facilities, applying a food safety management system in conformance with the ISO 22000 (H.A.C.C.P) standard.

Its 400 m2 factory is equipped with leading edge technology machinery used for the quantitative and qualitative production, the processing of quality and production data, and the design and development of new company products.

High Quality

Prior to their distribution in the market, all of INOVIA’s products are tested in a certified  laboratory staffed by specialized scientists, which forms a dynamic part of our company.

The factory is equipped with leading edge technology machinery used for the qualitative testing of raw materials and of the final products of the company, as well as for the design and  development of new products.

Human Resources

All people working for INOVIA are excellently trained and identify the company’s philosophy to their own professional goals.

They execute their work with enthusiasm and love for the final outcome. The company enhances the team and good co-operation spirit by setting common goals for the development, the production and the promotion of products. Therefore, all the departments of the company are in close collaboration on daily basis and join their efforts towards the improvement of services and the promotion and development of products, in order to fulfill the constantly increasing and evolving needs of the consumers.